Seminare l’orto: cosa fare a marzo

In questo periodo di fine inverno ci sono molte attività che si possono iniziare a compiere, sia negli orti a terra che nelle coltivazioni domestiche, su balconi e terrazzi. Con...

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Casa dolce Casa

Siamo sempre di corsa, fino a quando decidiamo che è tempo di fermarci. E allora proprio in questo momento ci si apre un mondo fatto di piccole cose belle, che solitamente...

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Cura delle piante: guida alla loro difesa

Cura delle piante: guida alla loro difesa La cura delle piante è molto spesso fatta di prevenzione e di semplici accorgimenti che, una volta messi in atto, saranno in grado di favorire la...

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Cattaneo Vivai presents its #NewLook

Looking together towards the future that awaits us! We believe in people and in the will to create a better world. This revolution that we introduce to you has deep roots, because it represents...

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Let's start from here!

Today we will reopen Cattaneo Vivai doors to our loyal customers. NEW RULES AND SAFETY FIRST We have organized for the reopening following the workpalce regulatory protocol: we have...

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Let's start again, from home

Cattaneo Vivai joined the initiative promoted by the "Riparto da Casa" platform created to offer discounted services and products to customers. We also give you the opportunity to buy a...

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Our plants directly to your home

We inform you that Cattaneo Vivai home delivery service is active! At the bottom of this page you can enter your details and your 'Shopping List' or if you are more comfortable you can...

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Pruning of plants

Free course to learn the correct technique for cutting fruit and ornamental plants. It will take place on SATURDAY 8 FEBRUARY from 15.00 to 17.30 approx. The speaker Mario Ferrarini will explain...

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Magic Stars

THE MAGIC STARTS FROM HERE... 23,24,30 November – 1 December In a magical atmosphere, surrounded by lights, colors and music... Cattaneo Vivai is waiting for you!!! With an...

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Christmas 2019

THE MAGIC STARTS FROM HERE... In a magical atmosphere, surrounded by lights, colors and music... Cattaneo Vivai is waiting for you!!! With an exhibition area completely renewed for the...

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Green Attitude

Green Attitude is a project by photographer Raoul Iacometti in which dance melts naturally with plants and flowers, inside and outside locations that change every time: greenhouses and nurseries,...

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Grow vegetables!

FREE COURSE to learn how to grow your vegetable garden. With the garden you can easily grow vegetables and fruits in a healthy way! We will discuss topics such as soil preparation according to the...

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Christmas Lights

We are pleased to invite you to the exclusive 'Christmas Lights' event entirely dedicated to the novelties of Christmas 2018. Elegant compositions, the best Christmas decorations and...

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