Green card

The Green Card, our loyalty card

The Green Card is a loyalty card, dedicated exclusively to all garden center customers who request it. The Green Card gives the holder the opportunity to benefit from all the initiatives such as: discounts, promotions, prize points collection. It is a personal data collection system, not transferable, issued only to individuals.

How can I receive the Green Card?
To obtain the Green Card, it is sufficient to be an adult, complete the registration form in all its parts, available at the cash desks at our Garden Center. Upon delivery of the form, you will immediately receive a free card that you can use for your purchases.
How to use the Green Card
Always carry your card with you and hand it over to the Garden Center checkouts before employees register your expenses. It is not possible to use the Green Card, therefore to accumulate discounts, after having issued the receipt. The calculation of the discount is automatic and is shown at the bottom of each receipt. Discounts are not cumulative between different cards. The Green Card is not a payment system. The cashier staff can neither manually enter the Green Card code nor detect the same if you do not have the card with you.
Accumulate discounts, how does it work?
Buying at our Garden Center, a discount of 0.5% will be earned on each of your expense. The total amount accumulated may be used in part or completely on future purchases.
How to know the balance
Passing the Green Card code to the garden center cash register detectors. At the bottom of the receipt after each shop, you will find the updated balance.
Does the card have a deadline?
The discount accumulated in the Green Card expires at the end of the current year. The discount cannot be accumulated over the years and can no longer be used the following year. With the beginning of the new year, the accumulation will start again from zero.
Is it possible to change my data?
By asking to the garden center cash desks, it is possible to update your data, only for changing addresses or e-mail addresses, but not the registry data of the cardholder.
If I forget the Green Card when I make purchases?
Failure to present the Green Card to the cash desks before paying the bill, and in any case after the receipt has been issued, will not allow you to accumulate discounts and does not entitle you to be credited later.
With your smartphone, register the Green Card
If you have a smartphone, download one of the various free applications available on web, relating to the cards. In this way, you can register our card on your phone, so you always have it with you. Our detectors are enabled for barcode reading of smartphones.
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