Shipping and packing

Efficient shipping and packing for all types of plants

All shipments are made with the greatest care. The plants are tied or netted to avoid breakage during the handling phases. The arrangement of the load both for root-balls plants and in pots plants is always adequately combined to make the most of the available space, thus facilitating the reduction of transport costs.

Root-ball plant shipping

The preparation for the shipping of the root-ball plants is done with jute sheets and wire mesh. In this way, the plants can be transported without any damage to the root system during the loading, unloading and adjustment phases. Furthermore, the material used, being biodegradable and easily decomposable, does not need to be removed at the time of planting, thus minimizing the problems of rooting system breakage.

How do we identify each shipment of goods?

Each lot of goods is identified with a label that indicates:

  • Variety
  • Pot size
  • Height or width
  • Circumference
  • Quantity loaded
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